1-Minute Beer Review – Alphabet Brewing

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Alphabet Brewing

It’s that time again, our 1-minute beer reviews with our team! From the comfort & safety of their own homes. As we’ve said before, we wanted to put together a very short & sweet video showcasing our favourite breweries, but getting straight to the point…

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This week Muz has taken the reigns and reviewed Manchester based brew company, Alphabet Brewing.

They’re a Manchester favourite and we always have something of theirs knocking around the taps or fridges. Though they do sell out pretty quickly…
Their most well know beers by them is Juice Springsteen, Charlie don’t surf, A to the K.

Muz managed to get his hands on their Orangu Tang a 4.5% Tangerine Brett sour, check out the full video below and more information on the beer.

alphabet brewing

How can you get your hands on their beer?

 Simply head to their web store!

  • They are offering same-day delivery within the M60.
  • Free delivery within Manchester for orders over £30
  • Next day delivery outside the M60

Click here to head to the web shop

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