The Bars we want to send the love to this Valentine’s Day


Obviously we miss being open, slinging out Zombies, looking out at the carnage of 3am in Manchester City Centre, but right now, thats impossible.

One of the other things that we miss so much, is the other bars we love. The hospitality industry is like family.

So this Valentine’s Day we’ve made a little list of some of the bars we love and we can’t wait to get back into!

First up, Arcane

This is the place we all head to when we want to feel a little bit classy and sassy. So when this is all over, and you’re wanting to put the joggers away, this is the place for you.

For more information, click here.

Next, Wood & Co

This is our favourite place to take our breaks whilst on shift. When we’re tired and just need a little getaway, this place is the one.
We love and miss you guys so much!

For more information on Wood & Co, Click Here.

Another One, Liars Club

Our reason for loving this bar, is pretty simple, it’s Tiki AF.
We just love everything about you lot.

For more information on Liars Club, Click Here.

And last but not least

The Eagle Inn – Salford

It has the best makeshift outdoor seating, complete with occasional barbecues. We can’t wait to get back to this place on those warm summer days.

For more information on the Eagle, click here.

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