Appetise for Destruction


    chilli roasted peanuts, lime

  • TOTOPOS (ve) 4

    yellow & blue corn tortilla chips, guacamole, spiced tomato salsa

Our Sandino Hot Sauce is a blend of roasted pasillo, guajillo and habanero chilli peppers, fermented for an extra spicy kick

Wrappers Delight
(a wrap of soft flour tortilla)

  • POLLO 9

    spiced pulled chicken, beetroot tortilla wrap, rice, Mexican beans, chipotle slaw, verde aioli, pico de gallo

  • CARNE 9

    slow braised ancho beef, beetroot tortilla wrap, rice, Mexican beans, chipotle slaw, pico de gallo, bourbon barbecue sauce

  • VEGANO (VE) 8.5

    Mexican beans, spinach tortilla wrap, pickled pink onion, rice, Sandino hot sauce, pico de gallo

burritos can be served gluten-free as a burrito bowl

add guacamole or cheese 1.5

Qu’est-ce que c’est.
(griddled mozzarella and Manchego cheese filled flour tortilla)

  • POLLO 6.5

    spiced pulled chicken, chimichurri, pico de gallo, sour cream

  • CARNITAS 6.5

    pulled pork shoulder, Sandino hot sauce, sour cream, pineapple & habanero salsa

  • CARNE 7

    slow braised ancho beef, pickled pink onion, Sandino hot sauce, sour cream

  • Champiñones (VE) 5.5

    sautéed chilli mushroom, spinach, soy sauce, chimichurri

  • CHORIZO 6.5

    red wine chorizo, Mexican beans, honey, garlic

More than the sum of their parts

  • BISTEC 13

    ribeye steak, chimichurri, sweet potato fries, pico de gallo, habanero mayo

  • Con Huevo 13

    ribeye steak, toasted beetroot tortilla, Mexican beans, chimichurri, avocado, fried egg

  • Filete 13

    ribeye steak, Mexican beans, corn, chilli slaw, habanero mayo, crispy potato fries

Your Own Way.
(All served on house made soft corn tortilla)


  • POLLO 7

    spiced orange chicken, cilantro


    chorizo, red wine, honey

  • BAJA 6.5

    Pacifico beer battered fish, chimichurri mayo, chipotle slaw, aioli, sesame


    crispy slow cooked pork, pico de gallo, habanero, scallion, cilantro, guacamole

  • CARNE 7

    slow braised ancho beef, corn, Sandino hot sauce, scallion sour cream


    crispy grilled pork belly, pineapple & habanero salsa, chimichurri mayo

  • Coliflor (VE) 6

    roasted purple cauliflower, Sandino hot sauce, spiced tomato salsa

  • SETA (VE) 6

    sautéed chestnut mushroom, chimichurri, sesame, Sandino hot sauce

  • HALLOUMI (V) 6.5

    halloumi, habanero jam, pico de gallo

Supporting Acts

  • Papas Fritas (VE) 3.5

    crispy potato fries, aioli

  • Batatas Fritas (VE) 4

    sweet potato fries, aioli

  • Patatas de Halloumi (V) 4

    halloumi, habanero jam

  • Piña & Habanero Salsa (VE) 2

    remove caramelised fresh pineapple, mint, pomegranate, habanero, cilantro

  • Chipotle Slaw (VE) 2

    cabbage, carrot, red onion, scallion, aioli, poppy seed, habanero, chipotle

Great to share. Better to not
(all with yellow & blue corn tortilla chips, mozzarella, Manchego, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo)

  • Clasico (V) 6

    Mexican beans

  • POLLO 6.5

    spiced orange chicken

  • CARNE 7

    slow braised ancho beef

  • CERDO 7

    slow cooked pork shoulder

Always stay for the encore

  • Churros (V) 5

    fried dough, cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate sauce

  • Helado de Pistacho (V) 5

    pistachio ice cream

  • Brownie (V) 5

    warm chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream

  • El Ché (V) 8

    churros, black pepper dark chocolate, muscovado brownie bites, chocolate ice cream, pistachio ice cream, dulce de leche, white chocolate, pistachio

Rocking 10.30 pm until 1am everyday

  • Plain
  • Sriracha and honey
  • house hot sauce


  • JACKFRUIT (ve) 6
  • house hot sauce

all with pico de gallo and jalapeños

  • cheese sauce 5
  • chorizo 6
  • pulled chicken 6.5
  • beef brisket 7
  • jackfruit (ve) 6

all with mixed beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, jalapeños, sour cream

  • cheese sauce 6
  • chicken 6.5
  • pulled pork 7
  • jackfruit (ve) 6.5

All prices in pound sterling. Ask for our food allergen information